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Thread: Extended pump

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    Extended pump

    On my 785 pump, the extension is behind the stator, I have also seen them in front of the stator.
    My question is: When the extension is in front of the stator does it become the wear ring? Is it a different extension than the one that goes behind the stator?

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    Same extension different position. The 785's have the tendency to twist the longer drive shafts. I run mine in front with a HD drive shaft. If your use is mainly rec riding and not CC with lots of unhooking you will have no problem running it in the front.

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    What are the pros and cons of in front of or behind the stator?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony View Post
    What are the pros and cons of in front of or behind the stator?
    cons whipping driveshafts killing your hull and crank
    Pro's 1-2 mph

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