Well decided to start a thread, about the shops in your area that have given you the best of service, or the worst of the service, this thread could also help a newbie thats rebuilding an engine find a shop near that has had good feedback/bad feedback

I dont want to turn this into a pissing contest, to bash any shop.

I have to start by saying that on the recent rebuilds I've done of my 2 stroke engines, I have taken them to different shops, Just to get a feel of who will treat me best, craftmanship & moneywise.

Recently I dropped off my cylinders at a shop in Beaumont TX, called JT Automotive, I have to say I'm really impressed, this guy charges the same as other shops $40 per bore, but not only does he bores it but even filed down my rave valves, decked the cylinders, and welded a crack.
all this for little or no money. I do have to say he works patienly,
Its only him working there and he takes pride of his work.

Past experiences at another shop, my engine was bored and honed within 2-3 days, this did not include decking or nothing extra, I ended paying the same price as the newer shop I'm using