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    650sx - 750 Compatibility?

    I would like to upgrade the 28mm stock carb on my 650sx and was wondering if it is possible to use the dual carbs off of a 750. Manifold? Air Filter? I think the 750sx has dual carbs some years and single others. Not sure about that though.

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    The bolt pattern on a 650 and 750 are different at the reed block.

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    Unless you are building a mod ski duals are not needed on a 650SX. 750 intake won't bolt up either as mentioned. A good upgrade to the 28mm carb is a 38mm (stock on 91 and up 650SX's) 42mm Keihin or Mikuni SBN 44mm. The 91 and up intake will work with the bigger Keihin carbs but an aftermarket intake or adapter for the stock intake is needed for the 44 SBN.

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    Assuming the cost is the same, what would you pick, a 44sbn or dual 38's. It seems like the 38s when tuned right would be marginally better, but tuning could be tough. What do you all think?

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    Go with a single keihin 42 on a stock silver intake manifold. That is the best bang for the buck. If you want to spend more, get a single 44 SBN and a Westcoast intake mani. I have a few nice intake setups for sale, pm me if your intersted.

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    42's are out there in places 44 SBN are everywhere. Also with the Khein carbs you can't rebuild the fuel pump just the carb, that fuel pump is $90 bucks!! Just some food for thought, not to mention there are more jetting and N&S available for the 44 SBN.

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