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    Sn SJ will not start. HELP

    I have a 1991 SN SJ with a 2002 700 cc engine. Yesterday, while flushing, it stopped running. Would not start again. Went back today. Changed the spark plugs and it still would not start. Checked electrical box and it was clean, no salt water. Charged battery last night. It basically just won't kick in. Feels like the plugs. I did get water in engine and elec. box few weeks ago, but I thought I fixed it. It has been running great since yesterday. Any ideas would be great

    some already suggested start/sop switch.

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    have you checked spark?
    91 does it have the og start switch? kill circuts go bad and cause no fire problems
    unplug the switch from the elect box , two connectors ,total of 4 wires
    jump the red/brown togather should spin over and fire
    if you start it this way you will need to jump the black/white togather to kill

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    It seems like I do not have a spark. Just a guess. I will try switches tomorrow as ski is at dock. kinda to dark and far right now

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    When an engine won't start, but will turn over, check the first 3 basic things.


    Without all 3, it won't start.

    Check you starter switch on the handlebar. These seem to go bad often from what I read.

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    I have fuel, spark I am unsure, and compression I am unsure as I don't have that tool. I guess I can purchase that tomorrow at Auto store. What is normal compression? If I do not have a spark, what should I check? It was working great the last few weeks, than poof it all collapsed as I was flushing the ski yesterday.

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    Don't think it is the starter switch, as It turns over, but just does not start.

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    Check all the stupid push on connection in the electrical box also check the grounds in the electrical box I had the screw back off and caused the same issue.

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    For stock compression, I see people say 150psi for the 701 engine. I don't know why, as my manuals says less. 134PSI

    The stop button could be bad in the switch.

    Check all wiring for water. Spray them down with WD40 if you have too. That will displace any water, and help later on.

    But still check spark and compression.

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    Thanks for all the help. As far as I know I took care of the elec box twice. Did the wd40 and than some. Not sure how to check on the start/stop switch. Are we talking about the switch near elec. box? If so, I am checking the AM. I am so close yet so far.

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    The start/stop where the lanyard hooks too.They are known to go bad. That's if SJ's have the same kind most Yamahas do.

    If it cranks, we need to know if you have spark. If no, then we go one way.

    Did you look at the plugs you put in after you cranked it over? Where they wet with fuel? Dry?

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