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    winch point strength on kawa stx 15f

    just a quick question is the front winch point on a kawa stx 15f strong enough to lift the ski off the ground high enough for 10 secs or so while i put a lifting sling under the ski so i can remove it from the trailer and leave it in my garage to save room

    and then also lift it again from the cradle and put it back into the trailer at a later date

    im aware you can buy the right sling for the job but while im waiting for mine to come id like to move the jetski out of the way since the place said it could take 2 plus weeks to get here

    im guessing it would be but it wouldnt hurt to ask
    cheers trev

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    Yes it should be plenty strong for that purpose. That is the strongest cleat on the boat.

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    Why not pull the ski partially off the trailer and block the ass end on the ride plate, then hoist the front of the ski with a flat fabric strap secured to the front hard point to prevent sliding out of position. That way you only have half the weight and can safely pull the trailer out.

    Maybe strap both the front and rear ends of the ski and secure the rear strap from sliding forward on the rear hard points. If you jack the ass end up off the trailer a home made sling affair should slide into position?

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