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    could kawasaki do this? O:)

    Im thinking kawasaki will put a 2000cc power plant in the 260x hull to compete with the yamaha 1.8 sho. dont hold me to it!!! but dont be suprised that in 2011 this becomes reality!!!!
    Go easy on me Skip!!!!!

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    Jeff we go way back a long way, since 2005. I know much more today then I did yesterday.

    Stock for stock the Ultra already has the 1.8. I hope that if Kawi does come with a new power plant that its put on a speed based hull.

    Shoot stick that 2.0lt in a 150 hull.

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    Yes a 2.0 litre would make sense, and be welcomed, by me. There's an old saying in the engine world, "there's no substitute for cubic inches". Plus I like the fact that the 1.8 liter YAM can run on 87 octane. More and more Marinas, at least out here in L.A. do not carry 91 octane anymore. 89 is the best they have. So my bow is filled with all kinds of Octane Boost salvations. Truth be told most boats on the water today do just fine on 87 octane. There just aren't enough 91 octane loving vessels on the water today to warrant Marinas to carry the "good stuff".

    So maybe we get a 2.0 litre for 2012? Just a bit of boost so it can run on 87 octane. I think the 1.8 litre YAM motor has given us a glimpse of what the future holds for us . . .

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    I looked at dropping the 1500 into a u150 but the oil pan is too big... and there isnt much to cut,

    everything else could be made to work, the fuel sender for the 4 stroke is the same size as the di one so you just use a ultra 130 fuel tank...

    food for thought


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