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    ultra 150 pump bearings?

    looking at a 03 ultra 150 that needs pump bearings. I have no idea how or what they are. can you guys give me some insite please.


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    Pump bearings means the bearings and seals inside the pump. You can do them yourself or send your pump to steve at skiworx for new bearings and shimming. Ultra pumps use shimms to adjust wear ring clearance. That is different than most other pumps. If you do it yourself order factory parts for an 05 ultra, that will get you the updated seals. Not a real expensive fix.

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    im pretty good mechanically. just never messed with the pump. how hard are they to do?

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    They are not hard to do I have done my 1100. I did send 2 of my ultra pumps to skiworx to have them done. Post some pics of what you got.

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