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    Cool Polaris Genesis water in the hull

    I just bought this '99 2 weeks ago, took it out to the lake today, and it had a substantial amount of water in the hull from just sitting in the lake at the launching ramp for about 15 minutes, without running the motor at all.

    Both the drain plugs were in tight. no cracks in the hull.

    Is this normal?? If not, where would water be coming in??

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    You need to check around and under the drive shaft through-hull bearing/seal behind the engine. You may need a small mirror and flash light to see underneath. I suspect you will find water coming in somewhere around there.

    The 1999 version of the Genesis hull is also unique, in that it has dual under water exhausts from the engine. Make sure the exhaust hoses and clamps are in good shape.

    Tip: You don't need to actually launch to check the hull for leaks. If you leave it strapped to the trailer (front and back), you can back it down the launch ramp with the seat off. The with the hull deep enough into the water, and still on the trailer, you can look around for the leak(s).

    You can even start and run the engine like this, as long as the jet pump water intake is submerged.

    Another leak hunting method is to lift and support the nose of the trailer while parked on land. Use a garden hose to partially fill up the interior of the hull, just until the water level reaches the drive shaft area.

    Don't go crazy and create a bath tub, just enough water so that you can get under the hull and see where it is leaking OUT from.

    Tip: Take the time to go over your new-to-you PWC from end to end. It is eleven years old now, so you should not assume everything is in working order.

    Also, if you ride it without checking everything, you can cause damage, or more damage. Sometimes this can happen in just a few minutes of riding. Check first, ride later.

    Click below for lots more good info

    Oh yes, is this a carburetor or fuel injected engine?

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    Thanks for the help

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    hi iv e got 1999 genesis carb. under the drive coupling is the pitot !connection for pipe from speedo that pushes onto the stem of the pitot !
    this brakes off or been pulled off

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