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    Speedster 200 - Always breaking Revers Gate

    Hi Guys,

    Hoping someone can help, we have an 09 Speedster 200, and in less than 6 months have replaced the reverse gate on one of our motors, for the third time. I presume this motor is mostly affected as it's the outside motor in most of our turns.

    Im wondering whether anyone else has experienced such an issue?

    I admit to driving it with excitement, and somewhat "PWC ski like" however nothing outrageous.

    This usually occurs whilst under some load during a hard turn, and suddenly the boat stops, and you can't select Forward...since the Reverse Gate to one of the motors (usually the outside one) has snapped completely off the rod.

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    Has the reverse been reinstalled every time, correctly? Is the revers adjusted all the way up correctly?
    Are you pulling the handle of the reverse in anyway to have your fun?\

    I would would try and adjust the reverse gate in the as far up possisition as you can, so when the drive handle is in neutral the reverse gate is as far up and tight as possible. .

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    I wonder if maybe the reverse handle/lever doesn't "lock" into place, and is slipping into neutral/reverse while under load and heavy turning. Just thinking, but have you tried holding the reverse handle/lever in place (forward position) while doing this?

    I would recommend turning the other direction first. See if that fixes it. Otherwise, I would suggest visiting the boat section, and browse those threads...maybe someone has had the same experience or issue.


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