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    Seafood Festival almost kills Commodore!

    I had a great ride Sat with all my fellow SoFla Riders. As part of the
    festivities we stopped by the 1st Key Largo seafood festival. The lines
    were long at the main attractions so I opted for starting with an
    ear of corn. Picked up 2 glasses of red wine, 5 grilled oysters, and Phil
    gave me a kabob of pork. So far so good. We proceeded to bounce around on the ocean blue offhshore. It was a cool day so I wasn't drinking much water.
    We stopped at Gilberts for an afternoon cocktail hour. I got 5 giant coconut shimp and gave one to Sharky. More vino and then on to the
    restaurant. Gilberts had a special on prime rib, 14oz for $15 plus a salad bar. I got an end cut, muy bueno. Stopped drinking wine, started slugging water. After a nice dinner I made the hour or so ride back to Weston.
    Got up had some toaster strudel, then on to Panera bread with Tommy for breakfast.
    I had coffee and a ciabatta turkey sausage......go to Costco for some provisions, start to feel a little funny then.
    Go home and abdomen starts to hurt. I lie down and Tommy heads off to work about 4. The pain intensifies, I look for some OTC stuff, borrow some from Fire rescue guy across who had just gotten back from 2 weeks in Haiti.
    Pain increases....I start thinking E Coli, Apendicitis, who knows. Call Tommy and he shuts his store down early and comes home and takes me to Cleaveland Clinic ER. Delay getting in, an 18yro chick tried to sommit suicide, the BSO is there and they strap her to a bed for a Baker Commit. Lots of noise, they get me in and give me barium stuff for a Cat scan.
    They shoot me up with morphine for the pain. Scan completes, surgeon comes in and say we got to operate soon!
    They then proceed to stick a tube down my dipstick receptacle (nose) just like you'd do in a Jetski. I proceed to erupt like Mt Vesuvius, spewing horrible looking and smelling fluids in all directions. I fill up quarts of containers...spent hellish 4 more hours in ER waiting for room in main hospital. Lots of acccident and other victims come in. Their entourages all are drinking and talking loud while their "buddies" get tended too.
    Get to main hospital at 4am. 7 am team of 3 serious looking surgeons come in and say OR ready. As a last step they want me to do another Cat scan.
    Do scan (real easy, much better than MRI) and radiologist says the "obstruction" has moved towards big colon. Go back to room, saline IV's and chips of ice are sole food/drink for rest of day. They conclude no operation is necessary and after much pleading I get that nose tube pulled out about 5 O'clock.
    I have to spend the rest of night, they might let me go tomorrow morning depending on the success of my digestive track over the night........
    Lessons learned.....none.....maybe drink more water and quit stuffing it down!
    I think I've lost 10 pounds now, time to get serious.....there will be a new slimmer Commodore in the future!
    see all of you soon!
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    Wow Tom glad your ok that sounds painfull.

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    Glad to hear you are OK.

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    Glad to hear you are ok Tom. So what the hell was the problem? Shrimp got stuck? Oyster got stuck? The germans are finally getting vengeance on Americans by tainting our toaster strudel?

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    glad to hear you're better Tom. Had food poisoning once....bad times

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    Damn Tom!?! Glad you're OK. Think it was Seafood fest? Hope all is well....

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    WOW that is a crazy end to a great looking time. Get well soon can I do anything do you need anything you got my number

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    Glad your okay Tom!

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    Hope you feel better Tom. Sounds like it was quite the ordeal.

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    It was the oysters for sure.

    Hope you feel better.

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