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    Noob question alert: Do you need a waterbox?

    So this might be a noob question but do you need a waterbox? Wouldn't straight pipe increase the exhaust flow and possibly even sound better (louder for sure)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikestyle View Post
    So this might be a noob question but do you need a waterbox? Wouldn't straight pipe increase the exhaust flow and possibly even sound better (louder for sure)?
    No you dont have to run 1 but be prepared they are very very loud without.

    There are a couple peeps on here without a waterbox. Pretty sure Skeopp has a straight thru pipe or if he does have a muffler it is a very short Gibson marine muffler. His loops up off of the manifold to prevent water getting to the engine and then has water injection on the way back down if im not mistaken.

    Yes you will pick up some power mostly bottom end as the engine dont have to clear the waterbox.

    You will have to fab it up yourself tho as no body sells an exhaust without a waterbox currently. R88

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    Thanks for the info, i like often like loud, but is it a good loud? videos anyone? all so with a straight pipe setup wouldn't the j-pipe supply enough water to cool the exhaust or would you still need to fab up something in place of the waterbox?

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    IMO its way too loud. If you ride with anyone, they will hate it.

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    Just plain old loud not a nice racing type sound just noise an aftermarket waterbox or modded stock one provides a nicer sounding louder ski.
    Plus if you delete the water box is easier to get water into the enginge while floating and launching etc as its har to have a high over pipe without the waterbox.

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    Most will need helmet or ear plugs if you run your exhaust stright out the back.
    you might be able to reduce the noise with full length exhaust (no box or mufler) by inecting water at tail pipe.

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