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    Aquavein Grate R&D

    Does/ has any one used one of this intake grates? if so how does it compare to the riva? Thanks

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    anybody know anything about these?

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    From what I've seen the R&D grate is a better in rough water and the Riva is better in flatwater

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakegastonrxp View Post
    anybody know anything about these?
    Yep, used one for about 100 hours, and loved it. Worked great in smooth or choppy water. Gained some MPH. But also, the ski would stay "stuck" to the water better in a turn, when going over wave/wakes.
    Dunno anything about the Riva grate, so can't help ya there.

    Why did I take it off?? I was contemplating selling my ski to get a Yamaha, so I pulled off all the aftermarket R&D parts I had on the boat, and sold them here. But, the banks aren't loaning money right now, and I don't want to pay the interest they're offering. Plus, my 2008 is worth more to me to keep then sell.

    If I want to ride a Yamaha SHO or FZS, I know where I can ride one

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    I've used both the R&D grates. The newest one is very impressive in that it increased hook-up with very little loss of speed.


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    I have a Riva top loader for the RXT-X or PX for 100.00 call 502-4531

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    Tried the Worx and R&D.

    I prefer the R&D one, it hangs on when it gets a hold like a tick to a tramps Kn@@@ers.

    I have lent it out to a few other riders, and they are impressed with it too.

    I went the whole hog on mine with the girdle and SF pump re-enforcement.

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