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    Smile locatio oil bleed 717

    please post a picture of the location of the oil bleed screw or bolt on a seadoo 717?
    Also best way to replace small oil lines on oil pump-what fastener to use.What type oil line material.

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    Exclamation Oil Bleed screw.

    Use TIGON TUBING 1/8"
    USe OEM clamps and crimpers

    The oil blled screw is directly in the middle of the
    air box, below the carbs were the oild pump is,
    you need an 8 mm wrench to loosen the bolt, its the only one there in that area.

    I have a manual at home I can send you a picture of it all you have to do is loosen it and turn it out a couple of turns untill oil comes out real good.

    Also when you start the engine you want to hold the oil pump lever open untill the pump pushes all the oil through the lines and a little longer.

    If you have more questions, pm me.


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