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    Your thoughts on Direct Hits Spark Plug

    From the makers of the pulstar pulse plug for automobiles. They make this Direct Hit add on for applications they dont make specific plugs for.

    Supposed to be around 500 amps peak current as opposed to .020-.060 amps at the plug.

    What are your thoughts for PWC use?

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    Sounds like nonsense to me. The power doesn't come from the spark plug, it comes from the ignition system.

    I sold spark plugs (among other things) for industrial engines for 10 years. I worked for the largest Champion industrial plug distributor in the world. That doesn't make me an expert, but most of the stuff you read about plugs is just hype.

    The ignition system, on the other hand, plays a big part in engine performance. Accurate spark timing, spark duration, multi-strike spark, etc. can really improve power and reduce emissions.

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    If it was true, and even possible, it would melt not only the plug tip but the whole freakin engine around it.

    The best firing plugs are copper. They don't have the lifespan of some types, but for a freakin $1 who cares.

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