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Thread: Dont buy this.

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    Dont buy this.

    This is Rospeed7998 who was banned from this site for [presumably] selling stolen merchandise. He has multiple ebay usernames including American_pwc_cyco and takediswake2010

    this just went up tonight. sonal_Watercraft_Parts?hash=item2305346ffc

    He has sold multiple engines on ebay recently, including the one that was on here that had no serial #s- mostly from 07/08 skis with low hours that he is 'parting out'.

    He also sells an item under one screen name and then relists it under the other screen name.. so Im not sure whats going on there.

    In addition, when he first came on this site a few months back, and before any of this started, he also sent me a bad Echeck and tried to rip me off. He is bad news.

    OBVIOUSLY, most GH'ers are sensible enough not to buy a motor, located in Miami, from a guy with low feedback, and without serial numbers... but I just wanted to draw everyones attention to it anyhow. He is selling a bunch of other parts.
    When it comes to performance pwc parts, engines, etc there is a very good chance that GH'ers are going to bid on it. I dont want anyone to get ripped off by this theif.
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    Nice heads up 12s. When did he learn English?

    "Hi up for sale i have a seadoo rxp 2007 complete incloodes engine with complete harnes,ecu,fuel rails and injectors,intake,exhaust manifold,starter motor,hoses and coolant tank,and everything you see in the pics.The engine is runing perfect has no problems and only has 29 hrs. cluster is available i will sell sepratly.supercharger is not inclooded but i will also sell sepratly.I will ship in the us only shiping cost is $250.Also this auction has no reserve. For payments i will take cashier cash in person or paypal prefered.

    Thanks feel free to ask questuions at any time"

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    reported it as stolen, we will see what happens

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    Nothing happens. Its a waste of time. I even reported him for having the two accounts which is an ebay violation and nothing happened. He had items listed one week with one name and then relisted the next week with the other and used the same pics, same description, same everything, so it was beyond obvious, and ebay didnt do anything.
    soooo.. Just spread the word.

    Hes been banned from here a total of four times. He keeps on trying to come back under new screen names and run up his post count so he can sell. If you see anything odd and obvious, report it to Jerry. Hes onto this guy. Hopefully the Miami PD are too...

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    Hes selling an ET137 charger too which has a bunch of bids on it. Im sure that people from GH have bids on it. He also had it listed previously under his other user user name and it sold.. so he may not even have it....
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    Bid his shit to the moon. I hate assholes like this! The buyer has all the balls in his court anyway, He can't give you neg feedback! How about it? Sounds like fun to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maulin Marto View Post
    Bid his shit to the moon. I hate assholes like this! The buyer has all the balls in his court anyway, He can't give you neg feedback! How about it? Sounds like fun to me.
    Unpaid Item strike,

    I been through it before, bidding on different items, but all where the same part.

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    Thanks for the heads up for members James

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