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    Got a couple questions

    I'm going to def. Do the upgraded rideplate but the options are open loop or closed loop. I'm addicted to the sport and once march hits and its above 45-50 I'm on the Connecticut River where the water is very cold in March. I've heard of people having problems with 2 strokes cracking blocks or just running like shit because of such cold temps of the water. Is there really any benefit going with the open loop? I've read all over and theres no real hard gains mph wise between the open and closed but it helps in reliability. The river dumps into long island sound(salt) and i'm in there a lot. Should I stay closed loop and just do a thermostat?

    Question #2

    Where the hell is the post for modding your stock rxp bars ?? I'd like to get rid of that ugly plastic yet not spend 500 on the rxpx or umi setup I tried the search bar and nothing. Thanks guys

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    Open loop verse closed loop...There are plenty of threads here regarding this topic, and everyone has their own opinion with a lot of different set-ups.

    Do a search and see what you can find out.

    It gets a slightly more complicated than open verse closed when you throw in the option of the heat exchanger mod with the open loop plate...closed loop cooling with the option of open loop plate. Or the open loop system with a ball/gate valve.


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    From the conditions you just described i would stay with the closed loop setup..NOW if you want to run the open loop plate,then you can go with a heat exchanger and then you will get the benefits of the open loop plate,but still have your closed loop system..And YES i would definatly change your stock thermo to 158 degree thermo..

    AS far as your handle bars go, well there really isnt much options outside of what you have looked into..If you look on E-bay or in the classifieds you might be able to pick something up cheaper than what they are going for brand new.

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    Yeah I saw a lot of stuff on the heat exchanger and all that, but to my knowledge you can give them your stock plate, keep it closed and still have the benefit of the extra 2-3 mph.

    As for the bars I saw awhile ago someone was modding the stock setup. Maybe I'm sniffing something.

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