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    2008 KAWASAKI 800 SX-R Question's

    Hey guys, I've been riding for a few years now and love it, I want to try and get into doing some tricks and stuff out on the lake, For now i have had a 2004 Rxp, I just wanted to see what you guys could tell me about the
    2008 kawaskaki 800 sr-x, I have never ridden a stand up before other then my buddies 3d but from what im told u cant compare so i was wondering how easy it is to ride and just how some of these guys pull off these sub's and barrel rolls, I never see the people ever move or get through around.

    Also this 2008 KAWASAKI 800 SX-R im looking at is around 5399$CAN, Is this a good price for one of these i haven't seen many up here so i don't know.


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    $5399 canada equals $5188 US. that is a little pricey, but if the ski hasn't been used much, only freshwater, and in perfect condition it seems reasonable.

    I have an 08 SX-R I bought new and only used a little bit in 08. I'm thinking of selling, as I've finally got my stand-up fix satiated. I was looking to see what people are selling for to know how to price mine. I got it for $6049 brand new, and was hoping I could get 5k for it as it is barely used and in perfect condition.

    I'm in NC, so probably way too far for you. But good luck, and I'd have to guess you can find something less expensive.

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