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    2003 gp1300r crank and 3 pistons and rings in oz

    hi guys i have a 2003 gp1300r and i need a crank if anyone has the parts i need in oz please pm me with your price cheers

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    Might have the crank...

    I will check, I know I have a GP1200r crank in excellent shape, I just need to verify it is what you need and will work for you..

    As far as pistons go, you don't just mix and match to cylinders. The cylinders are stamped ( 5, 11, 13 etc) with a sizing number on top and that will identify the size of piston you need to match it with. Be very careful here as you could wipe out a lot of hard work and money very quickly by mixing them up.

    I will check on the crank and let you know.

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