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    Unhappy GPR-SHO Conversion

    Well I havenít had this ski for long, but I am having to sell it due to personal reasons which Iím not bringing up on a public forum, other than my financial situation has changed and am going to need the money to put towards my fiancťe going back to school and bills. Trust me, Iíve tried to work out a budget without having to sell this thing but it just isnít going to work out. I love the ski, but have to focus on my priorities. The ski is not completely back together yet, still waiting on the ECU to come in from R&D, but I wanted to post this up to get some interest. Once the ECU is back in and tuned by Duke (should be end of the month Ė Feb), the buyer can come pick up or I can help with delivery. I have the title in hand.

    I purchased this ski from a guy in Ft. Lauderdale who I know through a friend Jamie (spdracr). The previous owner went 94.0mph on this ski with motec. I got the ski with just the motor setup, intercooler, gauges and an E-tech low boost wheel in it. Everything else pretty much is brand new, and I have dumped a ton of money into it in the past few months since Iíve owned it to get the ski perfect.

    Right now I donít have the ECU back yet, and once I do, the injectors are going back in. Also, the 155mm DF is still at impros being welded back up, but should get that back in the next few weeks. The ski will be finished and ready for pickup/delivery sometime towards the end of the month (February) once the ECU is in and we have it tuned. This will be a mid 90ís ski without a problem.

    With the stock ECU and the 160mm skat setup it did 89.1mph at ĺ throttle on the limiter when we messed around with the plate angle and trim tabs. With it setup for just handling, itíll do 88.6mph. I did 86.1mph sitting up on the seat with a full tank of gas, sitting up straight on the seat and the front bucket full of junk on the last k-river ride. With the R&D R3 ECU, and the 155mm liner and DF prop, it should be 95+mph, but will cavitate. I have the 155mm/DF setup for top speed numbers only. Not only is it a 90mph ski, but it holeshots like a monster (with some practice!) with the 160mm setup, handles great, and is dead reliable!! On the past two rides I logged about 160 miles total and didnít have one hiccup at all, and those who rode the St. Johns and K-River with me can vouch for that. This is a turn key, gas and go, 90+mph ski. Duke has gone over this ski with a fine tooth comb and has spent a ton of time getting this ski perfect.

    It has the normal wear and tear for a 04 hull, some scratches, a little dock rash, but nothing terrible. The rubrails have some rash on them, like normal, and also Iíd probably put some hydroturf on it sometime because the stock mats are crappy and donít offer much grip.

    Asking $10,500.00 with everything (trailer, cover, helmet, extra parts, etc) and willing to help with delivery or shipping internationally.

    WILL NOT PART OUT!! If you want a part on it, Iíll sell you the part for $10,500 and give you a free conversion ski.

    Also, I might consider partial trades plus lots of cash (at least $6k) for a stock or lightly modified GPR or mmmaaayyybbbeeee an RXPÖ..

    Here are the details:

    2004 GP1300R Hull
    2008 SHO Motor/Electronics/Pump setup Ė just hit 60hrs

    UMI Steering bar w/ ODI grips & Riva bar pad
    SHO gauge mounted where GPR display gauge was
    Custom Velocity Stack cold air intake by Duke
    Riva E1 Supercharger Wheel
    HKS SSQV Blow Off Valve (matte black Ė ltd edition)
    Ebay Intercooler
    Separate cooling lines to engine and intercooler (i/c line has strainer)
    Flush port relocated to back of hull by Jims Performance
    3Ē custom Intercooler piping by Duke
    Riva intake manifold mod
    GP1200R gutted waterbox
    Riva FF exhaust
    52lb injectors (adding once ECU gets back)
    R&D Powershot (updated for R3 reflash)
    R&D R3 Reflashed ECU (waiting to be returned)
    ECU/MAP sensor boost bypass w/ regulator
    Dynotune Boost Gauge
    Dynotune Wideband A/F gauge
    Innovate LC-1 Wideband controller
    Custom pump setup by Duke Ė pressure relief
    Riva 1200 grate modded by Duke
    WFO Heavy Duty intake grate mounting brackets & hardware
    160mm pump liner/wear ring
    Custom 160 Skat prop
    155mm pump liner/wear ring
    155mm DynaFly prop (currently being re-welded at impros)

    Also included with the sale:
    2005 Continental Trailer Ė single
    LC-1 Datalogging software and accessories
    Stock S/C wheel
    Yamaha GP1300R Cover
    Brand new OíNeill Helmet Ė XL - never
    Brand new Fox Racing Goggles
    Brand new Aplinestars Blue Neck Roll/brace
    Random other stuff (flares, dock line, flush stuff)

    Fresh spark plugs at 56hrs (factory spec Ė gapped at .035)
    Oil change at 56hrs
    Compression check at 56hrs by Jims Performance Ė came back perfect
    Compounded/Detailed at 59hrs Ė 3 weeks ago

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    build thread is in the conversion section.

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    new jersey
    nice looking ski u got there goodluck with the sale

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    Very nice. Someones gonna get a clean ski.

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    Damn bro... Sorry you gotta sell it... Someones buying a pretty sick set up for a great price... Good luck with the sale..

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    Wow, sorry to see that you have to sell it, Good luck with the sale. Very nice ski.

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    Really sad to see you sell it Scott. Its a really great all around ski.

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    wow..that suks....this is a great ski.....

    if u wanna pull on 80mph Sea Doo's all day long this is the ski to do it. Hope everything works out bro......and plz KIT with shodude.....

    we gotta keep you in the loop with the you gotta ride my SHO when it's done......

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    dont worry im not goin anywhere, lol.

    hopefully the next owner will let me buy it back in a year or so.

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    Bummer dude. At least we got a couple of good rides in together.

    This ski is badass.

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