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    2003 FX140 No spark problem

    OK Fellers, I changed out the engine in my FX140 with a 30 hours engine,looks real nice. I hooked up all the wier connectors exhuast ect. I went to start it and it was back fireing a little so I check the wiering on the coils and I think it was backwards I'm not sure. Any way I connected it up correctly and then I lost all spark. I have checked all the the connectors. Resitence in coils is good. I have new plugs.
    I am stumped? One hint for you, after hit the starter the instrument cluster only stays on for 3 seconds when I think it should stay on for 30 seconds? The bilge pump runs for the same time and shuts off. All the electonics are the ones that came on the ski,only thing diffrent is engine.

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    No Spark

    You can try this....I found it by accident. Remove the top of the air box. You should see a valve that has 3-4 hoses running to it Can't remember exactly). It is some type of idle bypass valve. Unhook the connection and then see if you have spark.
    Mine went bad and the engine had no spark until I unplugged it. When unplugged the engine ran perfect...go figure.

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    No spark

    I unpluged it no luck but thanks for the imput. Keep the ideas coming.

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