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  • Fix nozzle and keep acc pump (any clue where to get the nozzle)

    2 25.00%
  • get rid of it and rejet it. (anyone know what sizes to uses

    6 75.00%
  • Fix Nozzle and rejet

    0 0%
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    Should i get rid of the acc pump

    the 90 degree piece of the neddle (nozzle) is broke off in the carb and dont know where to get a new one any suggestions should i replace or just rejet the carb to compensate for it

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    the nozzle that sprays into the carb? that looks like a needle?
    as long as you have a squirt going into the carb when the acc pump is pressed,
    I believe it should be fine, the flow is controlled by a small ball inside that 90 degree fitting
    going into each one of the carbs,

    how do I know?
    when I was rebuilding my carbs I blew threw those fittings and one was clogged up
    i tried drilling it and solved my problem, I had flow once again.

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    well it will be lots cheeper to just bend the arm away and re-jet. But its a personal choice

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    Getting rid of my accel pump was the best move I made. My ski is not stock anymore but its a big difference in my opinion. I also didn't have to bend anything, I took the pin out and removed the arm all together.

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