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    S3 Charger Complete

    Looking to Buy a Stage 3 charger @ a fair price. Has to be complete ready to go. I got an 05 RXT. Let me know what you got.

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    the X chargers are a lot more common- Same price range- A bit more power and a lot more potential. Just an idea.

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    you got a pm....OK ANYONE got an X-Charger Complete....more or less in the same price range as the s3 ???

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    the x is an all around better choice. its upgradable and you can sell your stock charger for 200 or so. the x charger should cost you around 450.

    you will need an rrfpr now..

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    +1 Agree, Almost better off buying a brand new X-SCer. Reset the slip to 12ft/lbs and ride.

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    Thanks for info/advice guys appreciate it alot
    CALLING ALL Xchargers that are for sale. let me know what you got

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    miagp21 has one fs. Hes also in Miami.

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    This isnt a bad option either.

    You will need to get an RRFPR now either way.

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    a little outta my price range but maybe doable if he still has it in two months.

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    You should look to spend about $450, otherwise buy one new from babbits or cycleparts

    Youll be happy with this decision, the x charger has a lot more potential down the road. Especially if you decide to go to 8600.

    Just remember you need an rrfpr.
    There is a DIY thread on how to make one somewhere. Do a search.

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