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    Dual carbs XPL ī00 into 720 engine?

    Hi guys, Iīm wondering to put from a XPL donor some dual carbs into my ī03 720cc GTI, what do you think?
    Is better leave it stock, or This swap Itīs Ok?

    I got another 03 gti 720 stock dual carbs,new Hot Rods crank (less than 20hours), I installed Factory Pipe and about just 1 hour using it the GTI broke, one bearing in crank brokes, and I donīt know why. pistons are ok, there is oil in rotary valve(good lubrication) and premix (40-1), so Do you think the Factory Pipe was the problem? Too many guys in this forum says Hot rods Bearings sucks, bad bearings quality. What do you think?

    Thanks for the help.

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    I am having trouble imagining a 717 of any level of modification that would need 947 carbs.

    The original carbs on a 717 is two 38mm or one 40mm Mikuni. 947 carbs are two 46mm.

    Even with full porting and a pipe I am not sure you would need more than say two 40mm carbs (ala the 787).

    More air (as in bigger carbs) does not equal more power. It means that there is more air (and thus fuel, since they MUST go together) available for the engine to process. If the engine can not process it, then it suffers and will suffer much worse where you need it most, down low.

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    For what it's worth, my full on superstock big bore 720 motor, was more then happy with 44 Novi's.

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    I doubt it could be done with stock 951 carbs. The difference wont be that much without a new impeller or repitch and retune the exhaust ect ect ect

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