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    Seadoo 4tec stock legal mods ?

    cant find any info on this mods if legal or not for stock class racing.

    fuel pressure regulator what models are legal ?

    Oil catch can ? or do you need to put the crank pressure back to the air filter ?

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    I have read this, But..

    They say that you can modifie the fuel regulator. but can you change to a aftermarket one like the riva fuel regulator ?

    about the oil catch can i cant find any info.... anyone that race stock class that knows ?

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    - why would you need a fuel regulator , if you can not have more boost as stock ?

    - you can use the RIVA regulator, but you can not have the vacum line hooked up. as the regulator have to be static , but you could have 62 static pressure (stock is 59)

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    Like to be abel to adjust my pressure depending on mods.

    and about the catch can, you must put the engine ventilation to the air intake system ?

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