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    2006 STX 900 - Tow Question

    I am new to the forum and new to Jetski's in general. Have owned a Jetski for one summer now and am looking at getting a tube to pull the kids. I currently have a 2006 STX 900 and have three kids wanting to tube together. I am looking at the multi rider versions that weight around 50 pounds dry and then would be dropping kids on their at another 200 pounds. Will my Jetski pull this type of weight in addition to the water resistance of the tube itself ? ? or do I need to look another direction. Just for reference I am 180 lbs and would be driving the Jetski.. So 190 lbs sitting on the ski and a 50 pound tube carrying about 200 lbs ? ?

    Thanks for the information and I look forward to hearing your answers.


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    Power for pulling tubers is typically not problem for any ski as you won't be going very fast. However, safety is a concern. What happens if the tube blows a hole? You always want enough seats on the ski for everyone on the water. That means driver+spotter+tuber = 3-seat ski. That's why 2-seat skis typically do not have a tow hook.

    You might want to check your state boating regulations for pulling tubes and skis.

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