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    Cool 1996 SL700, SLX780, 750 engine and trailer

    Here is what I have. These are projects.

    2 SLX 780's. One has a cracked engine block. 2 of the cylinder heads are good. The other one needs a new sleeve. Ski has a title. The other one is an SLX780 also but does not have a vin on it. The ski has a good 780 engine in it. Good seats, handlebar pads and hulls on both ski's. I bought the second one for the engine and figured I'd part it out for the money back. The engine holds compression. $800 for everything.

    1 SL700. Engine turns but does not spark. I just put a new electrical box in it. The CDI was rusted so I'm thinking that is the problem. I also have an extra stator that goes with it. Good seat, handlebar pad and hull. I have a title. $700 for everything.

    1 1995 SL750 engine. I took this out of a cracked hull to initially put in the SLX780 before I found the spare ski. Engine comes with carbs, exhaust intake and an extra stator. $250.

    1 2007 Yacht Club trailer. Has never been in the water. I have the title. The trailer is 19ft and is long enough to hold 2010 jetski's. $1000.

    I will sell everything for $2100.

    I am located in Corinth Texas. Corinth is 23 miles north of Dallas near Denton. My zip is 76210.

    My phone number is 469-682-9373. Please leave a message if I don't answer.

    I have pictures and can take pictures of anything you want. Let me know.

    Thank you for looking.

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    1995 SL750 Engine
    What is the compression on it? Was it running before you pulled it out?

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    Texas? oh man too bad i would take the two slxs

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    consider parting out the SL700? shoot me an email I might forget to check back here.

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    Does the 750 run? Would you be willing to ship to NY? Thanks

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