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    Are 15f motors reliable?

    I just purchased a 2005 15f with a blown motor. I want to fix it or replace the motor, but am concerned about reliablility ? Does anyone have a recommendation on buying an sbt motor vs a used stock motor? Also, do the used stock motors come up for sale very often? Thanks

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    did the previous owner say what caused the failure? it might be cheaper for you to have the current motor rebuilt

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    I find they are even though I had an issue with mine. I did have the GIO issue that was covered under warranty. The job would have cost if I remember correctly 2600. Complete rebuilt was done at the dearership. I have 200 hours on my ski and other that that one issue I have not had any gripes. Nothing before and nothing since. I would buy another one again. Different ski I have but the same engine as yours.

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    yes, more so than any other ski motor I have heard of, except maybe the newer 12fs but then again its almost the same motor


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    Are 15f motors reliable?
    Do bears shit in the woods?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rotortiller View Post
    Do bears shit in the woods?
    rotor they shit where they want to bud. lol ... the engines that are in the 15f are probably the most reliable engies out there if they are properly maintained.

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