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    Impeller shaft connection

    I have an '04 MSX 150. We were on the water when all of a sudden I heard a grinding sound with lots of vibration and lost propulsion. Now when I run it, it sounds like a stripped gear or fitting of some kind. Is there some kind of soft connection between the crankshaft and impeller shafts that is replacable? If so, is it a hard fix?
    Thanks for your help

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    Remove the metal cover that hides the drive coupler down behind the engine.

    There are three bolts for the cover. Remove the one on top, and loosen the bolts on each side a couple of turns. Then wiggle the cover up and off. The cover has slots for the side bolts.

    That will allow you to inspect the drive coupler.

    The other possibility is that the splines on the impeller end of the drive shaft, or inside the impeller, have stripped. Or the bearings in the jet pump have failed.

    To check that, remove the jet pump from the hull. Undo the four LONG bolts, the steering and reverse cable end clips, and the flexible siphon hoses. Then wiggle the pump straight back.

    Often it will be well stuck, and you may need to use a long 2x4 down the side of the pump tunnel to flex the pump body left & right, and work it free. Just a little flex each way, until it comes out.

    Have a look at this thread;
    Removing Driveshaft from Coupler - Newbie from Down Under

    Lots more info available, click the link below

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    Sounds just like the broken stub shaft that happened to me. The short shaft that centers the impeller in the pump. Look in the pump either thru the nozzle or the intake grate. See if when you move the driveshaft, does the impeller move?

    If it is the stub shaft, a beefier racing version turns up on ebay occasionally.

    Its not a hard fix, but it cost me a lot! I didn't know about the forums b ack then, and paid retail for the parts...

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