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    Replacement seat foam?

    Does anyone know if there is anywhere to buy replacement foam for seats for an X4 hull? I've contacted jet trim and hydroturff about recovering a seat but both places said that they can only add foam to a seat and not replace the OEM pad.

    The particular seat I'm mentioning was used as a chew toy for a pitbull for a few years so I don't think the old foam is worth saving.

    It was a free seat so no harm done but it would be nice if we could save it so we won't have to buy another one for our project boat (just starting the planning process of a 951 X4 boat).


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    seat foam

    I baught some medium density foam from an upholstery shop and fabricated a new piece, if there is any of the old foam left you can cut out the bad spots and build it back up, you can use an electric kitchen knife and a grinder with a sanding disc to cut and fit it back together, once you get it trimmed you can use spray addhesive to glue it together, it took me about 2 hours and about $35.00 to get my GSXL seat fixed back up, I charged my neighbor $200.00 because it was her dog that chewed it up

    Hope this helps
    David N

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    You could buy a whole new seat pretty cheap for that ski.. prob cheaper than fixing the one you've got. Just an idea...

    I would contact an upholstery shop and ask them what foam is used in motorcycle seats.. prob same density and etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twelvesorbetter View Post
    You could buy a whole new seat pretty cheap for that ski.. prob cheaper than fixing the one you've got. Just an idea...

    what a guy this guy

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