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    Making a gp1300r flush kit

    hey guys i am in desperate need of a flush kit for my gp1300r and dont have time to go and get on today. What do i need to make my own that connects into the orginall socket thanks

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    its some sort of custom fitting that locks into can pick them up pretty cheap from most yami dealers..

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    Seriously its like $15-$20 at almost any dealer..... you will be hard pressed to put one together for that..... If you are in a bind you don't need to flush it out after a fresh water ride every time. Now salt is a different story.

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    Yamaha makes two flush adaptors. There is one with a hose that is probably about $15, there is also a short plastic one that screws directly on your garden hose for about $3.

    You must use the adaptor because the flush port is actually a valve that keeps normal cooling water from blowing out. The adaptor opens the valve.

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