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    Needing some info

    Ok guys newb here and hoping for some advice. I have a friend that is having some money troubles and is looking to unload 2 1997 wave venture 760 I believe with a double trailer, they both have less than 60 hours on them. I was one of the first to ride them when he bought them about 7 years ago. He had absolutely no time to ride them which is why the hours are so low. I'm wondering first if the price sounds about right? Also they have been sitting about 5 years and I'm sure he didn't do anything to store them, stabil anything like that. One more thing they have been sitting for at least a year on the double trailer with the tongue of the trailer up in the air. Will that have any effect on anything? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    I don't see where you posted the price he is asking for them.

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    sorry it is $1200

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