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    My F1 ROTAX Engine !!!

    At the start, it's an engine of 2004 in bad condition

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    The engine was completely disassembled and the cylinder block has been Re-bored in 1600cc (approximatly)

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    WOW.... you got some $$$$$$ wrapped up in this game!!!!

    Boudha's car....

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    The pistons were made in collaboration with BIHR and WÖSSNER, from an original design of piston (this engine to be equipped with a turbo with big pressure, needless to further compress the engine, I do not want to break first time)

    to manufacture these pistons, Wössner left a foundry basis for the manufacture of pistons for Porsche 911 Turbo, capable of holding over 600HP without problem, and they were then re-cut blocks of aluminum through the dimenssions provided BIHR and by following our technical needs.
    The work is faultless, perfect, wonderful! especially with the axis of piston reinforced and treated with nitrite (black), never seen in a jet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyA View Post
    WOW.... you got some $$$$$$ wrapped up in this game!!!!

    Boudha's car....

    no, it's just a joke !!!

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    The rods are models manufactured home made, in fact, by far, it looks like Carillo ... .... just by far! lol
    These rods forged in "H", manufactured by Saenz Performance, at the request of "RIP" YELLOW Competition.

    They have a section bigger than Carillo, and therefore a little heavier, but they can withstand higher stresses and therefore more power.
    Note also that the screws are models from ARP, largest diameter of the screws of Carillo rods.

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    Piston and rod assembly...

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    joke to you but sombody has some fat jack wrapped up in that rig...

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    The exhaust manifold also comes with "RIP" YELLOW Competition
    (I had the chance to buy their piece destocking before closing ...)

    It'll still undergo some changes to adapt directly the output turbo kit, and a polishing internal

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    Quote Originally Posted by breon View Post
    joke to you but sombody has some fat jack wrapped up in that rig...

    lol, Yess, it's not wrong !!

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