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    stunting a 87 js550?

    Hey everyone. I am brand new to the ski world and have many questions on how to get started. My friend and I have a 87' js 550. We are looking to get into stunting it but not sure if we should get a bigger motor. If so what to get, or some sites to order from. The motor we have would need to be rebuilt anyway. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Unless you are under about 100lbs your not going to do much stunting/freestyle on a stock to stockish 550. They are great ski's to learn on but unless you do quite a bit of motor work they are pretty low on power. They are a great beginner ski though (actually it's the ski I learned on back in the day)
    If your into the hull and it's in good enough shape to want to keep it then look into doing a 750 conversion on that ski. The bed plates can be had for about $100 or less and a complete 750 sitdown ski for 500-700ish. With that setup it can be a blast to ride (difficult with plenty of power). Otherwise part with the 550 and look into something with more power. Yami superjets are fantastic freestyle skis btw and can be had for a decent price.
    Good Luck!

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    OH! and welcome to Green Hulk. Also check out the X-H2O. The link is on the left side of the page. LOTS of standup riders there with a lot of knowledge..

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    Thanks for your suggestions. I have a lot of research to do yet. The hull is in pretty good shape and I want something i can build myself so the motor swap might be the ticket.

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