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    Sunk my ski now what!??

    I was out jumping waves in the Ocean when I flipped my ski backwards landing it upside down..I flipped it over but when it landed the "hood" assembly had broke off and was letting water in very fast... needless to say it sunk...But we got it back up and to the house! now I am wondering whats the best way to get it running again? It is a 99 Gp1200

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    This was salt water????

    You don't have much time!

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    Yes in Salt Water

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    Search for swamped or flooded engine - lots of good threads already posted on recovering from a flooded engine.

    The key is to get the liquid water out ASAP, without damaging the engine (take the spark plugs out, and crank it over).

    Then get it started, and get it warmed up enough to start to dry out inside.

    Once it is running, take it for a ride to really dry it out.

    Then spray a heavy dose of fogging oil into the air intakes and fog the crank case.

    Do not wait - it must be dried out and fogged within a few hours, or the crank shaft bearings will rust, and the engine will require rebuilding.

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    yes time is short, get the plugs out and crank it in 15 second bursts until the water is all out and you vcan smell gas coming out the plug holes..

    once that water is out, put new plugs in and keep trying to start it until it cranks over then take it for a good hard ride to get all the salt out of the cases..

    good luck

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    even get the ski on the ground and flip it over and let the water drain out the spark plug holes

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