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    95 SL750 short block

    Hey where can I buy a factory remanufactured 750

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    well sbt is a place you could try.. but i have heard good and bad about them on here.. but other then them .. you would have too ask some one else on here

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    do it yourself, not too hard and you will get a lot of info that you will need to keep that ski running in the future.

    Cylinder honing $15 per hole
    Top end kit $350 (worst case)
    Sealants, cleaners, materials, etc $30
    12 pack Bud Select $9

    1 day of actual work putting together

    VS $850-$1000 from SBT and you still have to install it

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    contact john zigler : he has what you need, including service after the sale.

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    Polaris SL750 motor

    Quote Originally Posted by bearmc View Post
    Hey where can I buy a factory remanufactured 750
    I have used for about 15 years in my shop for my customer Jobs and even my own stuff they do a Great job there Fast and motors run great.

    Here is a link and If you call or email I think they have FREE RETURN SHIPPING That saves you 80-100.00 easy

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