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Thread: piston wsm

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    piston wsm

    I rebuilt the engine on my rxp 215 hp and I mounted wsm pistons are good pistons or broken immediately

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    probably you should ask before you mounted. Does it really matter at this point?

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    I have a lot of BAD feed-back for this piston in 2 stroke, but for 4 stroke, i don't know.....

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    I have to say I had good experiences on 2 skis using WSM Platinum. yeah they will fail if you're running a coffman pipe, or pushing that engine to the limits with the WSM pistons.
    I rec ride with them and never had a problem.

    Maybe his fault with the pistons was the clearance or improper installation, for them to break that fast you know there was something wrong with the installation.

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    I have run the WSM`pistons ...

    They will hit you oil sprayers as they hit bottom dead .You need to modify them ...If not the piston will strike them out ..

    I have learnt my lesson ..

    Now using the new PRO-X pistons ....No problems

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    I installed the pistons wsm on my rxp with 215 hp, rotax racing ecu, injectors 42 ,x charger , solas 14/19r filter riva, I go to 8550 rpm, I had 30 hours and is highly desirable

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    you say that the pistons riva are best?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gacimar View Post
    you say that the pistons riva are best?
    lots of good feedback from them so far...

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