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Thread: 2010 rxt-x 260

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    2010 rxt-x 260

    I put my deposit on my new 2010 t-x and have been researching the new Riva performance ECU which eliminates the gps speed limitations. Couple questions that the search feature didnt answer.
    1- How much $$ and when will it be available.
    2- Will it void the 5 year warranty I got with ski. If so, is a performance ECU detectable by the buds software if it only changes the gps feature and not rev limits, fuel maps, timing, etc. In other words, if one puts the stock ECU back in , can the buds see that ECUs were changed.
    3- How easy is the install and do you have to take ski in for buds reprogramming.

    I currently have an 07 rxt so even with gps limiter, im sure my new ski will exceed the performance of what I currently ride. If the new ECU is going to mess with the warranty, ill probably leave it alone.

    I cant believe im talking about increasing the performance and I wont even be riding the thing till April or May.

    Thanks, Dave

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    I am pretty sure a different ecu can be detected on BUDS. When I had my Les Cooke reflash ecu set up on my ski the tech said something was up. My friend plugged in the cable for him. He never looked in my ski at all. Could it affect your warranty, sure can. Some dealers will not warranty a ski with one mod on it, while others can care less what you are doing.

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