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    Question Yami SHO Service Manual

    Nope, not asking for a PDF here

    I have what I think is the original service manual (LIT-18616-03-12) and was wondering if others have had issues with the binding falling apart. I have about 1/3rd of the pages falling out. This started as soon as I got it new in 2008. Are the new Revisions of the Service Manual better in regards to this? I have the PDF, but I like to make notes in the manual.

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    You can get it rebound. It usually doesn't cost that much, and often can be done while you wait.

    Often the larger Office Supply stores can do it, or look up book binding companies in your area.

    You can also choose between re-doing the original style glued-spine binding (often called Perfect Binding ), or changing to a ring binder or Cerlox type binding (Plastic or metal loops).

    They should have the equipment to punch holes through the entire book in one go, or at least thick segments, for whatever binding type you choose.

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    Office Max do it, I dont know if you have one in your area. While its unbound get them to make a couple of copies and bind it (very cheap) so you have spares!

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