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    tow along

    So any ideas on tow along storage platforms? A boogey board?
    I don't want to spend $1500 for one of those rescue platforms that u attach rite to the skis backside. But that's what I want size wise.
    No kayaks or inflatable cause they aren't stable enough.

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    I guess you're talking about the floating storage unit you drag behind you..

    I don't have any experience w/them, nor have I ever seen one in person. Only in books & on the net. However, I read a book about this guy who made the Great Loop by PWC a few years ago. He had one. I seem to recall that he sold it cheap (or gave it away) at a marina that was early in his trip. I don't think they are cheap and he found no value in it. He ended up attaching some type of "saddle bag" arrangement to his bike.

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