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    Newbie: 787 Top end rebuild question

    First time rebuild question here...

    I am in the process of rebuilding a 787 from a 1996 GTX. The WSM replacement pistons materials indicate thrust washers aren't required with their pistons. I am replacing wrist pin with updated caged roller bearings, but their seems to be a lot of play side to side where the roller bearing can slip sideways on the wrist pin, leaving a good portion of the connecting rod without little to no support. I am missing something? Perhaps smaller washer than the original thrust bearing?

    Thanks for your time


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    Assuming that they are the correct caged wrist pin bearings they do not use the thrust washers.

    There is some side to side play when the piston is out of the cylinder. The bearing should not be able to move much, if at all, due to the piston's casting (they do not with OE pistons, anyway). The pin can move within the bearing somewhat which gives the play.

    There is no play in the cylinder.

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    Krunch is right i also experience same thing as you and I've asked myself WTF, but at the end once installed its all good.

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    Thanks for the up check. I wanted to verify before assembling that I wasn't missing anything!!!!


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