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    Inline filter for SHO ICU

    A while back there were a couple of people who had installed the screen mesh filter to help keep debris out of the ICU and were having problems with over heating. Has anyone else had this problem? And are most of you still recommending the extra mesh filters?

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    It's not a bad idea to use a strainer if you're using an aftermarket IC. However, the stock IC core is nearly impossible to clog since it has 6 large ports for the water to flow fins. I had mine apart a couple times before upgrading to the R&D core & never found anything clogging the stock core. It's not the best design for heat exchange, but because of it's design, any debris will go right through it & out the pisser. I have found some small pebbles stuck in the R&D core that I've used without a inline strainer.

    You can also order larger mesh filters for the Groco strainers, so they won't clog as easily.

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