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    HELP PLEASE water in cylinder

    Hi i recently purchased a 97 zxi1100.
    I'm not sure how much of this is revelevent to my problem, but I will give you a little bit of background.
    After weeks of trouble free fun my mate decided ti sink it.
    OK, not a problem. Pull it out give it a clean out pull plugs turn motor over, clean air box, all fixed and running.
    Two days later it wont start.
    OK not a problem. Find electrical box to be full of water and rust, pull it out clean oll wiring conections, re seal box, all fixed and running.
    After about 2 hours of hard running to test it out all of a sudden in just dies. Still runs but wont pull over 4-5k. Checked plugs and found the centre plug to be fouled with water. After trying lots of things and having a fairly good knolage of car motors I thought mabey head gasget leak. Changed head gasget, got it running for abut 10 min fine then it started doing it agian on cylinder 3 this time.
    The funny thing is that I can pull it out of the water run it with the hose on it and the cyliender clears out and runs fine strait away. Puts it back in the water and it fould with water agian. The only other thing i thought was a little odd was that the ski allways has a fair bit of water in the bottom of it while running, but not too much to worry about I thought.
    I'm stumped, so I was hopeing that this may be a comon problem and somone had an idea of what it is and how to fix it. Sorry about the big speel but I just wanted everone to have all the facts.
    Any help would be great.

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    I had a ZXI doing something simular.

    Ended up being a bad thru hull seal. Water would foul out plugs as the intake was sucking in the splashing water from the drive coupler spining and slinging water all over.

    Ran good on hose as the problem wasnt in the engine. It was only when I ran it in the water and under load.

    This is a funny pic from back in the day....Dont laugh!

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    Any luck, Adam?

    I assume that you torqued the head nuts to the correct torque, and in the correct sequence. You may have a head or block that isn't flat.

    Keep in mind that it takes very little power (i.e. very little heat is generated) when running on the hose. When you put a big load on it by running in the water, you may be seeing some warping in the head/cylinders.

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