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    grate riva or r&d

    grate riva or r&d .Which is better?

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    rxp x grate riva or r&d

    rxp x grate riva or r&d . which is better?

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    It all depends on the type of riding you do. If you ride mainly in flat water and are looking to pick up a little bit of speed then the Riva is the way to go. Im not to sure how the handling is with this one though but id imagine you would lose a little bit of handling. The R&D one seems to be the one people tend to lean to in rougher conditions but I dont think you will gain any top end with it. The most popular grate for the RXP-Xs seems to be the Worx, it seems to provide the best of both worlds. Some members have picked up a little top end to while still being able to ride in rougher conditions and still have great handling.

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    R&D, they make 2 grates one for regular riding and one for closed coarse/offshore. I picked up 2mph on a stock RXPX with just a R&D grate.

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