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    Daer All,

    I'm Italian but I live in Moscow, Russia where the ski mania has litteraly exploded! I own a stock 2006 RXP on wich I already put on 43 hours.

    My performances are:
    RPMs 8120-8140 in fresh days.
    Speed: 69mph from the "dreamometer" GPS.

    I would like to modify my sky but keep it reliable since I do a lot of cruising (2-3 hours no stop on the lakes north of Moscow).

    After accurate analysis my mod. set-up would be:

    Rotax Racing Stock Class ECU.
    Rotax Racing New Turbo Impeller.
    Rotax Racing Termostat.
    Solas Impeller (I don't know wich one 14/19R or 15/20R...please can you help me in the choice???).
    Stainless Wear Ring.
    Ride Plate Holes Filled.
    Reverse bucklet trimmed.

    The "Handling" modifications will come in a second stage.

    What do you think of the above combination wich, according to the dealer I'm speaking with, will bring me 25HP more ???

    Do I need to replace the air filter to optimize the above combination???

    Thanks a lot to all!!!

    Ciao from Moscow

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    Wow! Moscow somebody check the records for longest distance member.
    Welcome to the board you have just joined the best site for all things RXP and RXT from Maintenance to Modding.

    I am new to all this but I will begin

    Sounds like your doing good as far as RPMS.
    I would say for sure you need a different air intake and that really is the best place to start. The Riva Power filter is a great choice. If you do the rotax impeller then you got to get more air to it or its waisted money.

    your list looks good but handling is just as Important as speed or engine mods.
    I would say for every bit of money spent on speed an equal amount is spent on handling it doesnt do any good to have speed if you cant use it due to poor handling or hookup.
    The riva Stage I is a little bit engine (air intake) and a little bit handling (Intake Grate).
    In my case my ski porposed (bounced) badly at higher speeds and was not safe. Removal of the OPAS and installation of the RE Blockoffs eliminated the problem which paved the way for more speed.
    As I stated i am new to all this so I will step aside and let the others explain better.

    I just wanted to say welcome
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    Welcome to the site!!

    That's a good start on the mod list. Only thing missing is the RR or Riva intercooler. As the previos post mentioned, when you start increasing the speed, you'll want to look at the RE block off's. Put those together with the ride plate skegs and you will love the way the ski feels and responds.

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    Welcome to the site. All the way from Russia, very cool

    Your RPM numbers are spot on with my new 06 RXP as well, by the way. Here is some info I posted in another thread, but I think it applies here as well:

    The Riva Stage I kit will get you to 71 MPH most likely for around $700 new.

    The Riva Stage 2 will get you to 73-75 MPH range for around $2800 new.

    For around $4000 new, you can put together a kit made up of Rotax Racing/Riva parts that will put you in the upper 70's. Here are some of the parts options:

    Rotax Racing "Racing" ECU
    Rotax Racing IC / plumbing kit / IC blockoff
    Rotax Racing Exhaust Pipe
    Rotax Racing SC Impeller
    Metal SC washers
    42lb injectors
    Riva Grate
    Riva SS Wear Ring
    GreenHulk tweaked Solas 15/20 (-2mm)
    Air intake (Riva, 4 inch homemade or even K&N/Stock elbow/rear air intake)
    Rideplate holes filled

    I have this basic setup on two RXPs now. One has about 140 hours on it and running strong. It took Franko and I the better part of a day to install this kit on my new 06 RXP last Sunday and I am very happy with the results.

    You can also use the Riva IC with this setup, and people state the Riva IC/Exhaust will give you more performance, but its more expensive, comes with plastic pipes and forces you to cut a hole in your hull. If you are like me and don't like plastic pipes, you have to pay more on top of the Riva IC kit to get metal pipes for it further raising the cost. Plus if you go to a higher boost setup (RR SC, Riva Stage III SC, B Kit) you will have to have metal pipes or there becomes a strong potential for melting them. I believe Rotax Racing makes direct replacements for all the plastic pipes now and the new Stage III stuff might have metal pipes with it, but I am unsure on that. But if you want max performance, then cost shouldn't be a factor.

    The previous are all bolt-on kits. To get to 80+ the price tag is $6000-$8000, and you need to start looking at a B Kit/fuel controller setup or the (currently unproven) Riva Stage III kit that is due out soon which requires going into the motor a bit.

    And like Mike said handling is equally important. Going with a good set of OPAS blockoffs is a nice option for rec riding. I have the Riva Pro-Series blockoffs on my skis, but the general concensus is that the new Race Engineering OPAS Block-offs are better.

    That's the bulk of the kits that are available. The speeds shown are what I've seen on average from these kits. The prices I quoted were list and new. You might be able to get them discounted a bit through Jerry's site. Also, a lot of these parts come up used in the classifieds. You just gotta decide what you want to spend to get there in terms or modding time and money. Hope that helps.
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    Thumbs up

    Russia? Holy crap! Welcome aboard dude.

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    Yes my friends...mighty mania is booming here!

    America is weaking up now...I whait for your answers and suggestions!

    Thanks all


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    Welcome to the forum

    The members here have given you some great advice. I highly recommend an intercooler. If you go with an intercooler you will want the 15/20 impeller. If you choose not to go with an intercooler at this time then stick with the 14/19.

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    Wellcome Comrad.......... Cool place to learn about Ski's.

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    Thanks Green Hulk,

    I was going for the new Rotax Racing Kit A (+40HP)...wich by the way from Europe is going to cost $ 5000...have a look:

    Then with the guy of Easyrider, (very kind and professional) we found a simple set up in consideration that here petrol is poor in quality and there is no abundance of good mechanics skilled in mods.

    The mods I chose for the "motor" are as said:

    Stock Class ECU
    New Rotax Racing Impeller (I think from vortech???)
    Rotax Racing Termostat

    Those 3 mods will cost me $2200 and bring me 25HP not obliging me to upgrade the compressor drive shaft like in the Kit A.

    The Rotax Racing intercooler (complete kit) is going to cost me additional $1000.
    Hom many HP is going to bring?
    Is this mod (added to the others) reliable considering the lack of skilled mecanics?
    Must I upgarde the turbo drive shaft with the IC (ADDITIONAL $400)???
    Is the IC ok with not very good petrol???

    Green Hulk...unfortunatly I can't find a Solas 15/20 here in Russia...the official importer of SOLAS is going to deliver me a 14/19 in 3 days from Saint Petersburg (400 miles from Moscow)!!!

    And still have no idea where I'm going to get a Steel Wear Ring!!!

    Thanks again to all


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    Gionnik- Jerry can help ya out with the washers if he can send to Russia.

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