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Thread: 13B,need help

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    13B,need help

    Besides my sl780, I have recently acquired a 13b rotary engine with a RACING BEAT intake, a 2 inch header, 750 double pumper carb and guess what. I want to put it in a jon boat but I need some sort of jet pump do any of you guys have suggestions on what kind of pump that might match up with the power of the 13b ---probably 190-230 hp at 13500rpm
    oh ya its a 18 foot Aluminum flatbottom boat.

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    Dont really know what about that motor but that is a lot of HP. If you were serious about setting it up right might want to look into a skat trak Mag pump Not going to be cheap but will work with that kind of HP.

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    I appreciate the help burton9010

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