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Thread: 13b, need help

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    13b, need help

    Besides my sl780 I have recently acquired a 13b rotary engine with a RACING BEAT intake, a 2 inch header, 750 double pumper carb and guess what. I want to put it in a jon boat but I need some sort of jet pump do any of you guys have suggestions on what kind of pump that might match up with the power of the 13b ---probably 190-230 hp at 13500rpm
    oh ya its a 18 foot Aluminum flatbottom boat.

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    That is a whole different kettle of fish

    Have a look at what the jet boat and jet sprint guys use.

    Keep in mind that jet pumps tend to get less efficient as RPM climbs above 8000-9000RPM. If you really want to use that rotary engine, you may need a transmission to lower the RPM into the pump drive.

    GH member Trond is just starting his own jet boat project. You might find some leads there.
    Venus 20' XTRM w/Rotax turbo

    Or Google rotary jet pump

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    Let me know if I can help out
    If I were you I would use the Rxp pump like I did it with the "Jetling 335"... Take a look at my thread:

    But as K447 mentions, you would need to gear down the rpms on the pump. If you can get the rpms down to 8K, it would be perfect!!

    Make sure to put up a project-thread when you start the "madness"


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