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Thread: 1995 x2

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    1995 x2

    hi guys this bit of the forum is new to me. Im looking at getting a 95 650x2 and was interested what people views are on them? Cheers

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    x2's are a blast to ride.....PERIOD! they are even more fun when you swap that 650 out for a 750.... what more do you want to know?

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    A blast....and bullet proof....ride them thrash them sink them and still go ride them.

    Although periodic maintenance is kind of costly.... Ya gotta buy plugs like 2 times a year so thats about $2 bucks a plug x4 and well ya know what ever else ya need like gas to make it go......and a little bit of oil.

    Great ski's if ya can find one that has a carb already on it maybe even a pipe even better. The are kinda needed because ya get used to it quick.

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    i got let down by the guy selling it so not getting that 1 now. Still looking for either a x2 or stand up. Got 2 sit downs and fancy a challenge. Cheers guys

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