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    03 SC GTX stop middle of Riding

    My 03 SC GTX stop in the middle of Riding.after I tow back to shore it can crank on trailer but won't start...Battery 13v was full charge still the same.I try to unplug &replug from ECU,ECM it still the set 5times looking for fault code only appear END.--

    I suspect is the Wiring problem..

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    unplug the "B" connector from the ecu check terminal b-29 for corrosion, that termial feeds a gound curcuit to the fuel pump if you install your key and do not heard the fuel pump run for 1 sec. it could be the problem found this on my 04 gtx took me awhile to find at first those pins sometime corrode be careful cleaning off use permatex dielectric tuneup grease to protect rub it lightly into female part of connector when i found mine it was only feeding about 10 volt to pump, pump would only run intermittenly the b-29 pin should be in the lower left hand corner of the ecu if you are standing on the left side of the ski looking into the engine compartment look for a white powder on pin and clean that off-- hope this helps good luck

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