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    1988-1996 sea-doo jet pumps anti-rattle cone update

    All 140mm sea-doo jet pumps made from 1988 to 1996 do not have the updated sea-doo anti-rattle device that quiets the pump. That crazy "knocking" noise you here in the pump area is virtually eliminated after you install this simple device. I'm including my YouTube video which further explains why this device is worth getting. Plus, not many people even realize the pump has oil in it and should be replaced seasonally. Thanks for looking hope this helps some folks.

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    yes, that's been out for a long time, and it does help. Just go to a dealer and ask for a cone, and the one that they will get for you will be the updated cone.

    Much cheaper than the cost on Ebay (learned the hard way)

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    actually don't ask for the cone, ask for the "anti rattle kit"

    you'll get the plastic cone, pusher spring and o-ring.

    if you ask for a "cone" the part will cost like 50 bucks the anti rattle kit is 9?

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