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    can someone help me w/rotory valve set up 657 engine

    ok i got motor at top dead center. i have manual and dont have a degree wheel so used a protractor seeing marks were 149 deg and 65 degree. but when put plate on dont seem to match marks . but i notice case has a notch at top is that where line up ?and when i do should cut out be on left or right ? thanks

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    ok i think i got lined up should number 1 valve hole be covered or uncovered at tdc(wanna make sure plate is right) also intake side of plate is kinda swirrly is that ok?

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    here is a free degree wheel. I used it last summer and it worked.
    A mirror is very helpful if it is in the ski

    here is a video on how to do it

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    You can download a degree wheel and print it off. Just do a search in this forum and you'll find one to download.

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